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Welcome to the new 'Property Section' of Living in Italy. Our aim is to develop the most comprehensive list of properties for sale from all the many beautiful regions of Italy.

Italy is renowned for its hidden 'treasures' it's not out of the ordinary to make numerous 'unplanned' stops on your journey simply to take in the sights of the tiny Italian hilltop towns and spectacular views across mountain ranges and valleys. Obviously, nothing can take away from the fact that Tuscany, Umbria and Le Marche are synonymous with wonderful Italian property and amazing scenery, however, many more delights are waiting to be discovered in the 'less explored' Italian regions such as Abruzzo and Calabria. As this site develops, our aim is to provide property and travel related information on every region of Italy in detail.

Remember to add us to your Italy 'bookmarks' or 'favourites' and revisit often as new property is being constantly added, we'll also be featuring regular regional travel guides written by people who live and work in the local area.
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